Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair Services

Shoe repair services include all type of men & women shoe repairs in Dubai. We have all the facilities to offer all type of shoes from any brand with a wide range of shoe repair services.

We take pride to offer all things made up of leather or non-leather like tents, seat bealts, chairs, baby dolls and a list of other items.

Our Services includes but not limited to

  • Shining & re-conditioning
  • Replacement of soles & heels
  • Replacement of insoles and heel linings
  • Replacement of elastics
  • Replacement of buckles
  • Replacement of snaps
  • Replacement or repair of tassels
  • Orthopedic build-up of soles and/or heels
  • Stretching shoes & boots
  • Installation of non-skid protective soles for better comfort & wear time
  • Installation of heel and toe plates for added protection
  • Replacement and/or patching of straps
  • Replacement and/or repair of zippers
  • Various patch, gluing and sewing repairs
  • And much more